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School Profile / School History / Current Situation

Preparation period: (1979 to 1982)


After the division of Hsinchu County and City, Zhubei became the seat of the county government. In order to facilitate the students in the area to study and cooperate with the overall development of the locality, the school was established on October 18, 1979 with the approval of the provincial government at that time. As the preparatory director, the preparatory team was formed immediately, including: Director-General Hong Xianming, Deputy Director-General Zhan Qiantong, General Manager Liang Yuemei, General Manager Huang Xiuyue, Clerk Chen Aizhu, Cashier Li Hongzhu, Accountant Chen Yuying, Personnel Chen Meijiao, Secretary Chen Huizhen, etc. Food, research and business planning. In particular, during holidays and evenings, they gather in the attic on the fifth floor of "Lian Director's House" for intensive discussions. "Wind Wind Pavilion" can be described as the birthplace of "Zhubei High School".


At the beginning of the establishment of the school, the land was deserted and the canals were full. The campus had eight major waterways flowing through it, and the terrain was uneven. The planning was very painstaking, and the overall project was also extremely difficult and difficult. Construction began in the 1980s. At that time, there were incidents of residents pulling white cloth strips and fiercely protesting due to the issue of land expropriation and compensation. Fortunately, the land issue was resolved with the help of Mr. Zhan Qiantong.


In July 1981, the "Provincial Zhubei Senior High School" was formally established, and the first principal, Lian Tiancai, took office. The first enrollment includes four classes of general subjects, one class of information subjects (fixed), and one class of business management subjects (fixed), a total of six classes, with 314 male and female students, firstly borrowing the school buildings of six junior high schools in Hsinchu County for classes. The attached senior high school with vocational subjects.


The campus building is divided into three phases. The first phase, referring to the administration and teaching building, the atrium and the greenhouse, was completed in March 1983. The second stage, the current industrial and commercial building, the sports ground and the performing arts hall, was completed in July 1983. The third stage is the gymnasium and student dormitory, which was completed in June 1986. The total cost of the three-stage construction is about one billion yuan. The overall campus buildings are arranged in the way of arctic constellations, providing students with a perfect and elegant learning environment. With the tireless efforts of Zhang Wenxing, the leader of the general affairs team for 13 years, the school construction project was successfully completed.



Growth period: (1982 to 1989)


In 1982, three classes of general subjects were added, and students with outstanding athletic performance were recruited. The school has a total of fifteen classes. It was the summer vacation of this year. The students carried desks and chairs and walked back to their own school energetically from the six countries. The scene at that time was very touching. In 1983, the dance gifted class was added, and the number of general students continued to be increased. Since 1984, 18 new classes have been recruited every year.


In 1985, it was ordered to pilot a comprehensive high school experimental course, setting up an information course, a business and economic course, and a catering course. The promotion over the years has resulted in a free study style among the students in Zhubei, and the outstanding performance and achievements of the students are very rewarding. In 1986, the total number of classes was set at 54, with about 2,300 students. In 1987, a comprehensive high school teaching resource center was established, and in 1988, a resource class was established.


Principal Lian attaches great importance to the learning effectiveness of students, and constantly adds equipment, such as computer classrooms, language classrooms, etc., hoping to provide the warmest environment, the most abundant equipment, and the most exciting activities. In order to educate students for the school motto, we hope to cultivate students to have the demeanor of "gentlemen and ladies" and implement the goal of whole-person education. In February 1989, the provincial high school vocational school was reorganized under the Ministry of Education in response to the provincial high school. The name of the school was changed to "National Zhubei Senior High School". job title. On August 22, the Ministry of Education appointed Kuang Gefei, the director of the National Qingshui High School, to take over as the principal.



Innovation period: (1989 to 1995)


Principal Kuang attaches great importance to students' humanistic quality and international vision. In addition to continuing to improve hardware and software facilities, he firmly believes that every student can cultivate and develop. According to this concept to promote school affairs, in the 1990s, the first ceremonial team of Zhumiao District School was established, and a cooperation contract was signed with Chinook College in Alberta, Canada, and an overseas summer English training camp was held to transform students with excellent sports performance into Established sports classes, held the National Principals Meeting, organized campus health construction for three consecutive years, promoted international educational travel between Japan and South Korea, and established sister schools with Daejeon Foreign Language High School and Chungnam High School in South Korea. Since 1992, sports classes have been added, and the comprehensive high school has been established for three consecutive years. Decrease the number of classes by 1, and stop the catering course, and change to the applied foreign language course to adapt to the trend and meet the needs of students' course selection. In 1993, an experimental class for mathematics, physics and Chinese was established, and vigorously advocated the atmosphere of self-study at night. With the efforts of teachers and students, the courses of capital, business and information, business and economics have also ranked first in the country. In 1995, the general class has made great achievements, and it has carried out a new project of diversity, self-confidence, innovation, vitality and internationalization in Zhubei. face.


In terms of hardware, in addition to continuing to renovate the environment and update equipment, in March 1991, due to the renovation of Douzipu Creek, the sports venue was reduced. After consultation with the Hsinchu County Government, the design was changed, and enough sports space was planned. Secondly, through outsourcing the operation of the swimming pool, the school’s income will be increased by about 2 million yuan each year, while the solar energy and shading projects, resource houses, permeable pavements and other sustainable campus settings, library arts and culture spaces, and campus public art are planned to open a new campus. face.


During the tenure of Principal Kuang, the school handled gifted education in an adaptive manner. The various types of gifted education handled include: mathematics, language, dance and physical education; and comprehensive high school information courses, business management courses and applied foreign language courses , its purpose is to balance the development of education, so that students in Hsinchu area have a variety of choices. Over the past 15 years, Zhubei High School has become one of the most popular and exquisite high schools, and with the efforts of all teachers and students and the support of parents in the community, it has developed a new look that is diverse, innovative, dynamic, confident and international.



Deep plowing period: (1995 to 101)


In August 1995, Principal Kuang was transferred to Taoyuan High School, and Dr. Zhou Shuoliang, the dean of Taoyuan Agricultural and Industrial Education, took over as the third principal of the school. It clearly pointed out the direction of "being a student for the sake of learning" for students in Zhubei; and strived to organize a series of high-quality activities to enhance the competitiveness of the campus; in 1997, a comprehensive functional department was added to recruit students with mild intellectual disabilities, and to take care of local disadvantaged students. Principal Zhou is well-educated and kind, and has won the love of teachers and students in Zhubei.


In terms of hardware, in 1997, the swimming pool ROT project with private investment of 9 million yuan was promoted. The next year, it successfully introduced Zhengzhong Nippon Sports Co., Ltd. (Eagle million), the school's old swimming pool related equipment and environment can be updated, and the water quality, water temperature and ventilation problems have been improved. In addition to the right to pay for the development of school affairs, the school also saves on updating equipment, maintenance, diesel oil, Funds such as water, electricity and employment of lifeguards are a successful cooperation case of mutual benefit and win-win.



Transition period: (101 of the Republic of China ~ 108 of the Republic of China)


In August 101, Principal Zhou retired, and Principal Tu Zhongchi of Kansai High School took over as the fourth principal of the school. Principal Tu has rich teaching and administrative experience, and because of the advantages of serving the school for many years, the crux of the school's development is very important. Familiar, with the implementation of the 12-year state education, he promoted the suspension of comprehensive high school courses, and successfully transformed our school into a regular high school curriculum in 2010. In addition, Principal Tu has effectively motivated the teaching team by showing the leadership of the curriculum and teaching. Since 101, he has continued to promote the operation of the "Teacher Professional Learning Community" and encouraged teachers to participate in the Ministry of Education's "Teacher Professional Development Evaluation" program. Effectively enhance the professional growth of teachers. Therefore, in 2010, he led teachers to develop 25 multiple elective courses with flipped and innovative teaching, and led the completion of the "Looking at the Big World from the Small Stream", which integrates local resources and innovative teaching.


Principal Tu is committed to promoting knowledge management, improving teaching and administrative efficiency in creating a learning-oriented organizational atmosphere and stimulating team growth. Through innovative organizational growth activities, he effectively gathers organizational centripetal force, and makes our school in the 104th annual school evaluation "Principal Leadership". ”, “Administration” and “Academic Guidance” were awarded with honors. Therefore, the superiors specially assigned the school to undertake the project task of the North District Principals Meeting of Senior High Schools for the 106th school year. However, the entrance of the school celebration sports meeting has changed from the traditional split type to the entrance of various cultural themes and creativity. Since its implementation, the lively and creative performance of students has been well recognized, which has become one of the characteristics of the school.


Based on the curriculum development concepts of "Spontaneous", "Interactive" and "Common Good" in the 12-year national basic education, Principal Tu proposed the school development vision of "Enthusiasm, Nurture, Macro-Cultivation of High-Quality and Characteristic Modern Citizens" to cultivate Enthusiasm for life, caring for society, love of learning, self-discipline, gregarious, good at communication, thinking, forward-looking, excellent modern citizens with high quality, good character and taste.


In terms of broadening the horizons of teachers and students, Principal Tu started an online exchange and dialogue with American Liberty High School using skype in September 2010. At the same time, teachers and students from Liberty High School also visited the school in 20102 and 20103, and the school arranged for host families. During his tenure, he has conducted summer overseas study tours every year, and since the 105th academic year, he has conducted two face-to-face video courses with local foreign teachers in the UK before the trip, which enhanced the learning effect and achieved good results.


Principal Tu used the method of deep breathing and meditation to guide the students to listen to the lecture quietly during the ceremony, instead of the voice of the instructor who used a microphone to command loudly when the team was assembled, so that the atmosphere of the students' gathering was effectively transformed. In addition, Principal Tu pays special attention to the care of disadvantaged students, actively promotes student relief work, and personally donated (900,000 yuan) to establish the Dai Xiukun Teacher Memorial Scholarship, with a total of more than 3.7 million yuan in donations, so that disadvantaged students can get help in a timely manner. At the same time, Principal Tu strives for nearly 100 million yuan in subsidies to repair and update equipment, and also strives for more than 66 million yuan in competitive project funds to invest in the development of school affairs. Association, and work together to contribute to the development of the school.


From the 108 academic year, the Comprehensive Function Section was adjusted to the Store Service Section.



Exquisite period: (108 years of the Republic of China ~)


In August 2008, Principal Tu returned to serve as the principal of Kansai High School, and Chen Ruirong, the director of Ruifang Advanced Engineering Library, took over as the fifth principal of the school. Principal Chen has complete school administration and education field qualifications, and is also the current Ministry of Education Quality Working Group And the Ministry of Education's New Curriculum Advisory and Guidance Committee, which is very helpful to the school in the promotion of the 12-year state education. Principal Chen adheres to the thinking of "Building Consensus, Inheriting the Future, Transforming Innovation, and Riding the Wind", connecting the school's vision with the images of teachers and students, focusing on the school's management philosophy and core, and is committed to creating a dynamic, diverse and exquisite bamboo-cut style. City Future Leader Academy.


Under the educational belief that "education is a process of influencing life with life; I hope that I and all my partners will become the nobles of children's life; and use the original intention of love, responsibility and gratitude to start and accompany children to realize their dreams". Democracy and openness, respect for trust, and leadership by example, showing a diligent and pragmatic style of conduct, Principal Chen has become the school's enthusiasm stimulator, consensus gatherer, resource integrator and leader of the school's vision.


Looking back on the 28-year history of the school and looking into the future, Zhubei High School, located by the Douzipu River, will continue to grow and thrive under the hard work and care of five previous principals and all teachers and students. The school has developed a total of 58 classes, including 42 regular high school classes, 3 classes in information science, 3 classes in business and economics, 3 classes in sports, 3 classes in dance, 3 classes in retail service department, and 1 class in resource class. Under the management of the principal, the quality of students has been greatly improved, and the performance is even more excellent. It has established a good reputation, and the follow-up development is bound to spread its wings like an eagle and create a new peak.