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School Profile / Our School Features

1. Equal emphasis on whole-person education and five education


Founded in 1981, the school has excellent teachers, complete equipment and a beautiful environment. All the principals have been able to uphold the school motto of "refinement, sincerity, liberality and elegance", so the school style is prosperous, free and diverse, and the students are cultivated with the demeanor of gentlemen and ladies. , has excellent performance in various fields, and has always been the preferred high-quality high school in the minds of parents and students in the Zhumiao area.



2. Diversified high-quality high schools


In addition to 42 classes in ordinary high schools, our school also has departments of information, business management, retail services, sports, and the only high school dance class in Hsinchu area. It is very diverse and has excellent academic performance. Every year, the admission rate of high-quality universities is as high as More than 80%, among which the performance of vocational subjects is the most outstanding. The rate of National University of Science and Technology on the list is as high as 90% every year, which is disdainful of the whole country.



3. Excellent results in science education


The students of our school have achieved excellent results in participating in science exhibitions and science competitions over the years. In the past five years (103-107), they have participated in 41 national science exhibitions and science competitions (75 person-times), including winning the national science exhibition life and applied science subjects. Excellent work, the fourth prize of the International Science Exhibition, the excellent work of the Macronix Science Award, the first place in the North District of the Yuanzhe Science Interesting Competition, and the winner of the Siyuan Science Creativity Competition of Jiaotong University.



4. In line with international standards


The school actively promotes international education through different channels, using software such as Skype and GotoMeeting to allow students to meet with foreign students or teachers online in real time; invite foreign college students to come to Taiwan to hold English summer camps; To provide students with the opportunity to interact with classmates with different expertise and backgrounds, so as to expand their horizons and cultivate a mind that respects multiculturalism.



5. Outstanding performance in extracurricular activities


Students in Zhubei learn in such a diverse and international environment of our school, and develop diverse talents and abilities, whether it is the performance of chorus, wind music, Chinese music, ceremonial troupe and other club activities, or science exhibitions, arts and culture, sports and other project competitions, always winning good results, fully demonstrating the effectiveness of whole-person education.